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🟨🟧🟩🟦加vx: 『buyfensi』 - 广告主可以抓住这个机会,将自己打造成具有文化相关性的热门品牌,同时触达想要发现新事物的新受众。利用自动版位,广告主只需简单地选择加入,即可轻松扩大营销活动的范围,在“发现”版块向受众投放广告。- facebook便宜刷粉平台- facebook涨粉丝, 24小时匿名自助平台🟨🟧🟩🟦

“发现”版块是用户探索、购物以及与其他用户、商家和创作者互动的 佳平台之一。超过50%的Instagram帐户每个月都会访问“发现”版块。有时候用户想看一些感兴趣的照片和视频,但又尚未关注发布这些内容的帐户,便会选择进入此版块。

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Discovery is one of the best platforms for users to explore, shop and interact with other users, businesses and creators. More than 50% of instagram accounts visit the discovery section every month. Sometimes users want to see some photos and videos that they are interested in, but they haven't paid attention to the account that publishes these contents, so they will choose to enter this section.

目前,80%的Instagram用户都关注了平台上的商家,与此同时,他们还可以通过“发现”版块找到自己喜爱的更多商家或商品。对用户而言,品牌是他们Instagram体验的重要组成部分。不管是购物、实时跟进各种动态,还是了解 新的潮流,我们发现用户都非常想要与喜欢的品牌交流联系。因此,接下来几个月内,我们将在“发现”版块推出广告功能。

At present, 80% of instagram users pay attention to the businesses on the platform. At the same time, they can also find more businesses or products they like through the "discovery" section. For users, brands are an important part of their instagram experience. Whether it's shopping, real-time follow-up of various trends, or understanding the latest trends, we find that users are eager to communicate with their favorite brands. So in the next few months, we're going to launch an advertising function in the discovery section.

instagram 头像 下载

instagram 头像 下载



我们将进一步投入资源改进“发现”版块,希望将它打造成用户发现新事物以及商家与有价值的客户交流互动的 佳平台。


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