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🟨🟧🟩🟦加vx: 『buyfensi』 - Instagram在过去的几年中一直在努力改进其工具,以应对骚扰,滥用和错误信息,在现任首席执行官Adam Mosseri的领导下,Instagram加大了工作力度。特别是,Instagram的评论审阅度已显着提高。该公司现在使用人工智能自动阻止令人反感的评论,并且使用类似的AI工具在用户发布潜在的令人反感或有害的字幕之前警告用户。固定评论虽然可能不如平台上一些更早和更需要的增效工具那么有效,但仍可以在帮助Instagram上受欢迎的创作者,名人和企业更好地管理其个人资料方面大有帮助。🟨🟧🟩🟦

Instagram于周二开始正式发布其固定评论功能,该功能于5月 开始测试。该功能使任何用户都可以在帖子的顶部将三个评论固定在主题的顶部,它的设计目的是允许帖子的作者通过突出显示积极性和调节更多负面和侮辱性的回应来更好地控制评论主题的语气在固定的评论下方。

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Instagram officially released its fixed comment feature on Tuesday, and the feature was first tested in May. This function enables any user to fix three comments on the top of the topic at the top of the post. It is designed to allow the author of the post to better control the tone of the comment topic below the fixed comment by highlighting positivity and adjusting more negative and insulting responses.

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初的测试恰逢Instagram发布了用于批量删除评论的工具,该工具已经启用了两个月。要固定评论,只需向左滑动即可显示报告,删除和回复的选项。现在,在这三个选项的 左侧,您应该看到一个图钉图标。

Instagram在过去的几年中一直在努力改进其工具,以应对骚扰,滥用和错误信息,在现任首席执行官Adam Mosseri的领导下,Instagram加大了工作力度。特别是,Instagram的评论审阅度已显着提高。该公司现在使用人工智能自动阻止令人反感的评论,并且使用类似的AI工具在用户发布潜在的令人反感或有害的字幕之前警告用户。固定评论虽然可能不如平台上一些更早和更需要的增效工具那么有效,但仍可以在帮助Instagram上受欢迎的创作者,名人和企业更好地管理其个人资料方面大有帮助。

Instagram has been working hard over the past few years to improve its tools to deal with harassment, abuse and misinformation, and has stepped up its efforts under the leadership of current CEO Adam mosseri. In particular, instagram's reviews have improved significantly. The company now uses artificial intelligence to automatically block offensive comments and uses similar AI tools to warn users before posting potentially offensive or harmful subtitles. Although fixed comments may not be as effective as some of the earlier and more needed productivity tools on the platform, they can still help popular creators, celebrities and enterprises on instagram better manage their personal data.


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